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Application of Product Design Application Process

If you want to improve your product’s reach in the market or to make it attractive for your existing and future customers, then a well-thought-out design process is inevitable. In essence, product design is a step forward to improving the appearance of the product. It also enhances chances of selling and leads to a good return on investment. With a reliable company for product design - Detekt, you can cut down your production costs by a big margin, avoid waste, and maximize the use of materials.

When you engage experts in product design, they know the right things to do before they integrate their concepts into the product. An effective product design has to go through various stages before it joins the market. However, it is important to engage a reliable company for product design – Detekt, to undertake the process. The following are some stages that a product design must pass through before it becomes effective in the market.

Product Design - Detekt

·         Strategy and orientation: this process requires the design team to contribute to the overall strategy of the product design. The team also provides direction and context for the intended product at this stage.

·         Briefing: this process requires a clear record of the product description. The design team deals with the features and functionalities of the intended product, its ability to cope with competitors, any research done recently about it, sales target, and insights that may inform the design of the product.

·         Socio-economic and technological context: the design team at this stage needs to conduct a market research to find out if the product would be relevant and attractive to the market.

·         Innovation: this process implies that the product should be a new idea, generated through sketches or proven principle models, or through computer-aided designs.

·         Concept generation: this step involves potential design and development of ideas to create an original design that meets the initial brief.

·         Design development: this step entails what the product will look like on completion. It depends on how well the preceding steps are followed by product design team. Overall, it deals with what the product will be made from and its production process after the design and prototype.

Based on the frequency of your product design, you can decide to employ an in-house product designer or to hire a certified company for product design. Each style has its own benefits and downsides. All the same, an in-house designer can be part of your product development team. However, relying on a certified company for product design – Detekt, can help you manage your product features and consider new developments. Check out DETEKT Design Limited

In the end, as a business owner, you have to consider several factors to come up with effective product design. That is why it is essential to engage experts. For example, location, how your products are made, warehousing, distribution processes, as well as scheduling can all affect the process of designing a product.

Reliable companies such as Detekt have qualified product designers to ensure that all the mentioned steps are followed to achieve a well-round product.

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