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3 Signs of Effective Content for Single, Working Millennial Mothers

Are you a budding small business in Brisbane, Australia that markets to single, working millennial mothers? Probably, you’re leaning towards the services of digital content marketing Brisbane agencies and web designers offer these days. The digitally inclined single, working millennial mom has absolutely no time for empty promises—or worse, bad ones! Millennial moms who are marinated in the internet for some time now can swipe your content away quickly if it’s ineffective.

The ironic elusiveness of Millennials is echoed by the Deloitte’s survey results in 2016—two-thirds of Millennials want to leave their companies by 2020. As a growing business, you’re inclined to put out a competent content out there for this flighty but monolith market of wise consumers. If you want to make sure that your digital marketing agency is crafting effective content, here are three simple signs you should look for:

  • It knows the mums like the back of its hand

No good content or web design is general. It’s aware of what specifically attracts and motivates their audience—like how millennial mums are more likely to be attracted to emotionally appealing ads than the Baby Boomer mums. Also, effective content speaks to a diverse audience. For example, Carat surveyed a group of Millennials aged 15-34 and found that there are two groups of distinct millennial mums. One of which is the elusive and social-media crazed millennial mum—the ones that will challenge your content marketers. The content marketing Brisbane agency you should choose is the one who can expertly tailor content specially and specifically for those mothers. Visit at Digital8

  • It’s meaty

Collectively, single, working mums are busy. They need practical information they can use on their everyday lives, not a complex analysis of how baby shampoos are manufactured. If your content is practical, they will feel satisfied after reading your content. This makes it easy for your brand to be associated with being informative and helpful, therefore gaining their trust and encouraging brand recall.

However, excess is never good. Don’t overstuff your content with unnecessary information—even though it’s relevant. For instance, the services of Digital8 web design Brisbane has today practice the principle of cutting the fat and stripping your businesses’ values to the core during initial deployment. It’s a straightforward approach to content marketing strategy that produces fast and effective results.

  • It’s their friend

In 2015, an IBM survey found out that 56% of marketers agree that personalized content means better engagement from audiences. The content marketing Brisbane agencies should practice if they want to engage their audience is simply to be their friend. Your content should be founded on well-researched claims about certain situations and struggles that millennial mothers face today—what is really important to them. For instance, a study conducted by VICE found out that only 14% of single mums are able to find a full-time job, compared to 51.2% of single dads. Effective content speaks to them about these struggles realistically but sensitively. It’s like empathizing with their woes on a Sunday brunch together with other mums.

With these signs being present on your content, you will be a business beast in no time—just be patient with your baby steps. For more details, visit their website at:

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