Why Holistic Rehab in Thailand Is the Most Effective

Do you think the world can benefit from the holistic rehab Thailand facilities offer?

According to the World Health Organization, a little over 15 million persons have drug use problems, and 3.3 million of deaths each year are a result of the harmful use of alcohol. This only shows that the need for drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation is massive and one country offering treatment options is a step in the right direction.

holistic rehab Thailand

But more needs to be done.

How does holistic rehab works?

A rehabilitation program employs a wide range of therapeutic styles to treat patients with drug and alcohol problems. What makes holistic rehab Thailand facilities offer different is that it aims to heal all areas of health—body, mind, and spirit.

This is mainly due to the fact that when people turn to drugs and alcohol, they are not only hurting their body but their mind and spirit as well. Even when they started drinking too much to help deal with mental health issues, it is not only their minds that suffer in the process.

The philosophy behind holistic rehabilitation is that all 3 areas of health are interconnected. This means a problem in 1 area will affect areas 2 and 3. For this reason, rehab must be a combination of programs that work to heal each area.

With a holistic addiction recovery Thailand rehab centers offer, drug dependence and sobriety in Thailand are more than achievable. You have the opportunity to stay sober for as long as possible as well.

What to expect from holistic rehab?

Most holistic addiction rehab programs follow traditional programs but with extra benefits. In some cases, the usual practice is given a twist to ensure holistic recovery. Detoxification, for example, may be carried out differently to achieve a holistic approach and focus.

Whichever is the case, expect rehab programs to put emphasis on:

Organic and all-natural diet

What better way to improve health than to follow a healthy diet? This is also a way to address any nutritional deficiencies that are a result of addiction.

Regular physical activities and exercise

Biking, hiking, or swimming are just a few activities that will keep a body healthy and the mind occupied.

Meditation sessions

Prayer sessions, tai chi, or yoga helps clear the mind and re-align chakras that have been thrown off balance due to addiction.

Complementary therapy such as acupuncture

This is done to address other areas of concern and ensure your body, mind, and spirit get all the attention they deserve.

Alternative types of effective psychotherapy

This may include art, animal-assisted therapy, or music.

Ready to take the step to sobriety?

Choose to get treatments in Thailand.

With Buddhism at its core, a personal commitment to mindfulness is encouraged which is something you need to pursue your treatment and persevere. This is one of the advantages that programs of holistic rehab Thailand centers offer.

In addition, the locals are friendly, warm, and welcoming. The environment is beautiful, peaceful, and serene. Combined with integrative medicine-based addiction treatment programs and rehab in Thailand is highly successful.

Sign up for an addiction holistic rehabilitation with the Next Step Chiang Mai today.holistic rehab Thailand


Common Problems in the Elderly that Aging Care can Address

The age care Arcare has to offer, addresses numerous problems that may arise during your senior years. This includes common problems such as falls, accidents, emotional problems, and disability. Daunting and stressful, growing old brings a lot of challenges not just to the aging individual but also to his or her entire family.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare or AIHW, the aging population of Australia is rising through the years. In fact, just in 2016, it was noted that 1 out of 7 citizens is in their senior years. This means about 3.7 million or 15 percent of the total population are aged 65 and over.

However, aging should not stop you, and your loved ones for that matter, from experiencing life to its fullest. With the help of trained and licensed aging care providers, these common problems experienced by the elderly may be addressed accordingly, thus lifting off a huge burden from your back.


One common problem that can be prevented when you have your loved one in the age care Arcare has to offer, is the occurrence of accidents. Falls, for example, is usually known to cause fractures and even permanent disability in the elderly. This can be stopped, however, with frequent monitoring by a highly-skilled care worker.


Since most of the family is out doing their business, older people tend to feel lonely. But with someone to look after them, loneliness can easily be uplifted. The aging care Australia has provides a constant companion to the elderly especially those going through rehabilitative and respite care in care homes. Click Arcare Glenhaven for more details.


The care workers are also trained to handle mental issues that occur during senior years. The aging care delivered by professionals, including doctors and support workers, have the experience and expertise to handle depression and dementia, which are common in the elderly.


The elderly may, in the long run, develop mobility problems such as arthritis, rheumatism, and osteoporosis. With physical ailments like this, a senior may exert more effort in moving, thus increasing energy expenditure. However, care workers can ease the burden by assisting in movement or providing guidance during the use of assistive devices such as walkers and wheelchairs.


Half of the 3.7 million Australians are actually suffering from some form of disability that prevents them from performing their daily activities of living independently. Bathing, dressing, and the like has to be assisted by family members such as you. However, with other demands in life, you barely handle these responsibilities. But with the professional assistance of a licensed care worker from a government-recognized home care, you can have someone else whom you can trust help out your loved one.

Taking care of an aging loved one should not be a huge stress at all. With the help of the age care Arcare has to provide for you, you can easily address these common problems faced by elderlies and their family. If you have an elderly parent in need of help during recovery or rehabilitation, you can always look for home care facilities that are recognized by the government such as the five-star care home, Arcare. To know more about their service, visit at