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How Vertical Gardens Are Setting the Trend in the Corporate World

As more and more corporate entities set their base in cities, the working space is getting smaller and more expensive with every new commercial building. It is becoming quite difficult to make a productive and people-friendly environment for both the employees and customers since the office space is reduced to confined cubicles and dull semi-permanent walls. It doesn’t have to be this way. The incorporation of vertical gardens in the corporate scene is changing how the business environment is designed. In Australia, for example, the vertical gardens Melbourne specialists install are green walls and partitions in offices that are not only visually appealing, but also create a calming ambiance for better work efficiency.

vertical gardens Melbourne

What are Vertical Gardens?

Vertical gardens, also known as green walls or living walls are a plantation of flowers or vegetation in a vertically spaced planters used in the indoor/outdoor spaces. Although the idea is not new, vertical gardens are fast gaining popularity especially in an urban area where space is becoming an issue.

Vertical garden designs can either feature a partially or complete covering of the wall with flowers that can be customized to complement the theme and feel of the company.

Benefits Vertical Gardens Provide to an Office Space

Green walls can be used to transform your office space into a stunning and welcoming working environment. Additionally, these vertical gardens also contribute to better efficiency and work ethic by providing other benefits such as:

  • Better healthier air – plants are known to reduce air pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Vertical gardens, therefore, provide a healthy air quality;
  • Reduces office background noise – unlike glass walls and plaster boards that may bounce off noise, vertical gardens Melbourne experts install are acoustically friendly and can seamlessly absorb sound thus reducing background noise.
  • Adaptable and flexible – vertical gardens can easily be moved around to create space or fill space.

Smart Ways of Using Vertical Gardens in a Corporate Scene

One of the various ways for a vertical garden Melbourne designers can creatively use is the plantation method to revamp the look of your business premise.

Here are excellent examples of utilizing vertical gardens:

1.   Separation of Office Spaces

Get rid of old fashion cubicles and use vertical gardens to separate work areas. By using garden walls, both employees and visiting customers will find the environment more comfortable and calming.

2.   Centerpieces Decoration

When installed by a highly skilled Melbourne vertical gardens expert, a green wall can be fitted with special lighting effects to create a center of attraction in the room.

3.   Event Party Hires

Vertical plants can also be used exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events and other official functions to lighten up the venue and set the tone for the event. Since the gardens make beautiful temporary partitions, they can be used in containing crowds and offering privacy, especially for VIP sections.

In conclusion, vertical gardens are here to stay. They are the new ways of creating a welcoming office environment. If you are interested in finding more about these gardens, please visit, the best vertical gardens Melbourne specialists recommend today.

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