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Helpful Tips to Make Your Tiny Home Look Bigger

Tiny homes are now gaining popularity in Australia, especially when State Government and online accommodation giant Airbnb hosted a ‘Share’ challenge last March to encourage innovative sharing economy. If you are in Perth and plan on building a tiny home in your backyard that will also serve as a guest house, you can hire contractors like Addstyle Master Builders to do the framework for you.

Although their floor area is a bit smaller compared to standard sized homes, you can still spruce up your tiny home to make it appear bigger using these tips.

1. Use Light Colours on Walls and Floor. Light colours make the whole room airy, thus making it look bigger. Make sure to choose a light colour pallette when selecting a paint for your walls. You can also opt for floor tiles and rugs that are in natural shades.

2. Hang Shelves Near Ceiling. Adding a shelf near the ceiling will draw the eye upward, giving it an illusion that the ceiling is high. Professional contractors like Addstyle Master Builders, for instance, will give you inputs on where to best hang your shelves to make the room look bigger.

3. Stripes Elongate the Space. Instead of choosing a plain coloured rug, you can opt for rugs with stripe graphics to make the room appear elongated. But if you really have to add more space to your tiny home, like a balcony, for instance, you can hire a contractor that specialises in home extensions in Perth, W.A to conceptualize a floor plan for you.

4. Use Clear Shower Curtain in the Bathroom. Using a clear shower curtain will make the bathroom look bigger and airy. When not in use, the shower would also look neat this way.

5. Buy Multifunctional Furniture. Ottomans are a good example of multifunctional furniture. They can be used as both coffee tables and extra seating all at once. You can also opt for a bench with hidden storage underneath where you can store throw pillows and other items.

6. Paint Your Ceiling Bright. Painting your ceiling in a bright colour will make it pop and at the same time, will draw the eyes upward, creating an illusion that you have high ceilings.

7. Leave Windows Uncovered. In a small space, you want to take advantage of natural light. Leaving the windows uncovered during daytime will help bring light in and will make the room look spacious. If you are worried about privacy, you can opt for blinds instead of curtains to make it look less crowded.

8. Let Go of Overhead Lights. Using a few smaller lamps to spread light all over the room will draw the eye away from the room and make it look brighter and bigger.

9. Use Furniture with Exposed Legs. The trick to making a room appear larger sometimes lies in the furniture. The main goal is to make the room airy and using furniture with exposed legs will solve the problem.

However, before you make up your mind on building a tiny home, talk to experts in building & renovations in Perth so you can have an estimated cost. You do not want to overspend and talking to contractors like Addstyle Master Builders will help you start your tiny home within your budget.

When looking for master builders in home improvements located in Perth, you can visit for more details.

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